We believe God is always present and at work in our lives. That’s why the sharing of our stories has been such an important part of Highrock from the very beginning. Stories can encourage, challenge, and inspire. They remind us that God is still in the business of changing lives! Below, you’ll find a few stories about what God has done in the lives of some of our members and in the life of our church.


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A Welcome HOME Story
Highrock's campaign to step forward in mission in Greater Acton

Highrock just purchased a property for a church home so we can welcome more people home to God's kingdom! 

Welcome HOME: English Language Learners Ministry
Learn how our new facility will help us step forward in Outreach to our neighbors

As part of our Welcome HOME campaign, the "O" stands for Outreach

Welcome HOME: Kidsrock
Learn how our new facility will help us step forward in MENTORING the next generation

In our Welcome HOME campaign, the "M" stands for Mentoring

Welcome HOME: Energy
Learn how our new permanent facility will help us refocus our energy from physical labor to relationships and discipleship

In our Welcome HOME campaign, the E stands for Energy.

Welcome HOME: Hospitality
The Welcoming Team shares how we're taking a big step forward in hospitality

As part of our Welcome HOME campaign, the "H" stands for Hospitality

Highrock's Prison Project

Several folks share their journey to involvement in the "prison project" and what it's been like to volunteer with Partakers.

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Ann's Dinner
A Legacy of Hospitality at the Stow Chapel

Every third Friday of the month, Highrock Acton provides a monthly free meal for those hungry for food and fellowship. Highrock gets to carry on the legacy of this ministry at the Stow Chapel location. 

Ministry Spotlight: Tech Team

The Body of Christ is a team and everyone has a part - what gift can you share? This Ministry Spotlight highlights our setup and tech teams and the key roles they play each week in creating an environment that helps others connect to God and to each other.

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