We believe God is always present and at work in our lives. That’s why the sharing of our stories has been such an important part of Highrock from the very beginning. Stories can encourage, challenge, and inspire. They remind us that God is still in the business of changing lives! Below, you’ll find a few stories about what God has done in the lives of some of our members and in the life of our church.


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Highrock's Prison Project

Several folks share their journey to involvement in the "prison project" and what it's been like to volunteer with Partakers.

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255 Great Rd Dedication Story
The Two-Year Journey to Home

On August 29th, 2021, Highrock finally dedicated its building at 255 Great Rd. to God and Christ's glory. Learn the story of how we got to this moment. 

Baptism: Amelia, Eva, Jackson, Kendall, Ruthie, Teagan

Amelia, Eva, Ruthie, and the Porter family share why they are being baptized.

What Difference Does it Make?
Rachel Balian

Rachel shares her story of learning to trust God in a life-changing way.

Related Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark
What Difference Does it Make?
Jim Olsen

Jim shares his story of finding his destiny in Christ.

Related Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark
What Difference Does it Make?
Jasmin Kim

Jasmin shares her story of discovering Christ's strength in weakness

Related Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark
What Difference Does it Make?
John Manyiel

John shares about his life-changing encounter with Jesus.

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Vision: Welcome Sojourners
Where is Highrock headed in the year to come?

As we navigate the pandemic and prepare our new building, Pastors Becky and Will share the church's guiding vision for the upcoming year

Church Adoptions
A Highrock Network Story

At the Virtual Great All-Highrock Get-Together in July 2020, we shared the beautiful and surprising story of how God has grown our church family through church adoptions!

When is church going to "reopen"?
A Special Announcement from the Pastors

Becky & Will share Highrock's response to Gov. Baker's announcement that churches can "reopen" - the truth is, our church never closed! Ministry has continued but it's not yet safe or wise for us to gather on Sunday mornings as a large group. 

Bittersweet News
Moving on from the Stow Chapel

Pastor Will announces the sale of the Stow Chapel to another church, inviting us to reflect and celebrate on the long history of God at work at 317 Great Road in Stow

A Welcome HOME Story
Highrock's campaign to step forward in mission in Greater Acton

Highrock just purchased a property for a church home so we can welcome more people home to God's kingdom! 

Welcome HOME: Hospitality
The Welcoming Team shares how we're taking a big step forward in hospitality

As part of our Welcome HOME campaign, the "H" stands for Hospitality

Welcome HOME: A Generosity Story

Joyce Shetler Holt shares her story of developing a heart for generosity

Welcome HOME: English Language Learners Ministry
Learn how our new facility will help us step forward in Outreach to our neighbors

As part of our Welcome HOME campaign, the "O" stands for Outreach

Welcome HOME: Energy
Learn how our new permanent facility will help us refocus our energy from physical labor to relationships and discipleship

In our Welcome HOME campaign, the E stands for Energy.

Welcome HOME: Outreach to Moms
Learn how our new facility will help us step forward in OUTREACH to local moms

In our Welcome HOME campain, the "O" stands for Outreach!

Welcome HOME: Kidsrock
Learn how our new facility will help us step forward in MENTORING the next generation

In our Welcome HOME campaign, the "M" stands for Mentoring

Baptism: Bella Allsopp

Hear the story behind Bella's baptism at Highrock Acton on August 25, 2019

High School Mission Trip 2019

High Schoolers from three Highrock churches went to the Dominican Republic for their 2019 missions trip - check out the highlights!

Great Road Ministry Center Renovation Project

Sign-up today for fun and connection as we work together toward an exciting goal!

Dedication: Jaxx Hoffman

Hear the story behind Jaxx's dedication on July 28, 2019

Baptism: Joshua Roland

Hear the story behind Joshua''s baptism on July 14, 2019 at Highrock Acton.

Baptism: Milestones Sunday

Hear the stories behind the baptisms of Joanna, Hannah, Isaac and Christian on June 02 at Highrock Acton

Summer in Stow 2019

Our new Next Gen ministry Director, Phyllis, gives us the low down on summer services at the Highrock Stow Chapel, starting June 16th

Made For Mission: Personality
Made For Mission

Cath shares how discovering her God-given personality helped her overcome her insecurity and engage in mission.

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Made For Mission: Passion

We're all made for mission - hear how God is using Fiona's passion for music to bless others!

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Baptism: Eva and Noah Rodrigues

Hear the story behind Eva and Noah's baptism on May 12, 2019 at Highrock Acton.

Made For Mission: Experiences

Dani shares how her experience of loss led her to become a source of comfort for others

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The Great All-Highrock Get-Together 2019
The Great All-Highrock Get-Together 2019

Are you ready for the annual Highrock family reunion at the Thoreau Center in Concord on June 9th?

Made For Mission: Spiritual Gifts

Steph Allsopp shares her journey of discovering her spiritual gifts.

Related Sermon Series: Made For Mission
Easter Sunday 2019 Recap
Easter 2019

Recap of Easter Sunday 2019 at Highrock Acton

Baptism: Josiah Minnich

Hear the story behind Josiah Minnich's baptism at Highrock Acton on Easter Sunday 2019.

Kyrie Eleison

Listen to "Kyrie Eleison" as part of your Lenten prayer time this week (Week Five in the Prayer Journal).

Related Sermon Series: Access: Permission to Enter God's Presence
Thank You Highrock

We are so grateful for all who partner with us in ministry by generously giving their time, talents and treasures in order to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ both locally and throughout the world. Thank you, Highrock!

Baptism: Zac Brown

Hear the story behind Zac's baptism at Highrock Acton.

Prelude: Little Town
2nd Sunday of Advent [2018]

Get a taste of our Advent worship where we combined handbells with our worship band!

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CHIC 2018 Recap

A group of teens from Highrock Acton and Nashua Covenant Church were able to go to the CHIC Conference - here's a quick recap of their time there!

Baptism: Ruby Morizio

Hear the story behind Ruby's baptism on July 08, 2018 at Highrock Acton.

Baptism: Ella VanDixhorn

Hear the story behind Ella's baptism on June 03, 2018 at Highrock Acton.

Baptism: Elizabeth Rettori

Hear the story behind Elizabeth's baptism on May 27, 2018 at Highrock Acton.

Ministry Spotlight: Tech Team

The Body of Christ is a team and everyone has a part - what gift can you share? This Ministry Spotlight highlights our setup and tech teams and the key roles they play each week in creating an environment that helps others connect to God and to each other.

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Hospitality: A Place at the Table
A Scripture Reading from Isaiah 25:6-9

A reading from Isaiah 25:6-9 celebrating the banquet of the Lord's table featuring members of the Highrock Acton community

Related Sermon Series: Hospitality: Making Space at the Table
Hospitality: Wi-Cher Lim

Wi-Cher describes his experience first coming to the United States and the impact hospitality can make

Related Sermon Series: Hospitality: Making Space at the Table
Hospitality: Mark Fung-a-fat

Mark shares his hospitality story of supporting children through Compassion International

Related Sermon Series: Hospitality: Making Space at the Table
Hear why moms are excited about the new MOPS program that's kicking off January 2018

MOPS and MOMSnext are new programs launching at the Stow Chapel in January 2018 for Moms to connect, laugh, and learn togther! Check out the story!

Baptism Summer 2017
Skylar Chaudhary

Learn the story of what God is doing in a member of the youth group

Summer 2017 English Camp
Highrock Church + Tokyo Life Church in Mission

A team of Highrockers traveled to Tokyo, Japan to serve for a week at the Summer English Camp hosted by Tokyo Life Church in July 2017. Check out the highlights of their time there!

Small Groups
Do you want to learn why you should connect with a small group?

Some members of one of our church small groups share about their experience.

Easter 2017 Stories
Cardboard Testimonials

For our 2017 Easter Service, Highrockers shared their stories of transformation

Related Sermon Series: Unlikely Heroes: The Writers and Rebels of the New Testament
Ann's Dinner
A Legacy of Hospitality at the Stow Chapel

Every third Friday of the month, Highrock Acton provides a monthly free meal for those hungry for food and fellowship. Highrock gets to carry on the legacy of this ministry at the Stow Chapel location. 

The Life of Prayer
Anne Castelline

As part of our teaching series "The New Life," Anne Castelline shares some principles and insights into how prayer forms and shapes our identity in Christ.

Related Sermon Series: The New Life: How God Transforms Our Everyday Eating, Talking and Working
Baptism - Easter 2017
Grace O'Connell

Grace O'Connell shares about her decision to be baptized.

Related Sermon Series: Unlikely Heroes: The Writers and Rebels of the New Testament
Summer Blast 2016
Cave Quest came to Highrock

Our Summer blast 2016 was awesome! Our kids had a great time connecting to each other and to God during Cave Quest, learning that Jesus gives us hope, courage, direction, love and power -- so follow Him!

Baptism - October 2016
Andrew Zeng

Andrew's parents share some of their hopes for Andrew and Andrew tells us why he is ready to be baptized.

The Great All-Highrock Get-Together 2016
Our Annual Network Gathering

What an incredible day we had gathering in one location with all the other Highrock churches for a day of fun, worship, stories, and communion - enjoy the recap video and be sure to join us next year at the Great All-Highrock Get-Together!

Family Service 2016
Celebrating Kids, Baptism, and Confirmation

We took the cameras into KidsRock and asked "What is YOUR gift to the Church?" as part of our teaching series, highlighting the Apostle Paul's teaching from 1 Corinthians that we are ALL members of Christ's Body. Plus, a special sneak peek of the testimonies of five of our teenagers as they prepare for confirmation and baptism four our special Pentecost family service in 2016.

Related Sermon Series: Corinthians: The Church's Indivisible DNA
Judith Jameson

Judith shares her life-changing experience of being part of a DivorceCare group, a ministry offered at Highrock Acton several times a year.

Infant Baptism - Easter 2015
Andrew and Isaac Kreml

The Kreml family share why they are having their sons baptized on Easter

Family Fun Night
Families enjoy a night at church

A sneak peak of our first ever Family Fun night at Highrock Acton soon after our launch in Fall 2015!

Summer in Stow

Get ready for an exciting summer as Highrock Acton moves to the Highrock Stow Chapel on June 24th! We'll have two services available (9am and 10:45am), full KidsRock, brunch between services and much more!