Small Groups

Joining a small group is one of the most significant ways to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and with others. Because relationships require time and investment to develop, small groups are a way we commit to walking our spiritual journey with a smaller group of people.

If you’re looking for relationships, attending an event hosted by a community group or serving in a ministry are great places to start. Then, as relationships grow, you might consider joining or starting a small group with one or two other friends.

Why Join a Small Group?

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How to Join or Lead a Small Group

Our church has two cycles of all-church small groups, one in the fall and one in the winter. Each small group cycle runs for about 8-10 weeks, usually in conjunction with the start of a new season or sermon series. These small groups are opportunities to grow in community, go deeper in the study of the sermon series and Scriptures, and experience spiritual formation.

In addition, various small groups with a specific focus are offered throughout the year. For example, some community groups offer short-term small groups, like a men’s Bible study or a women’s book study. At different times, the pastors offer spiritual formation small groups for those exploring the Christian faith or looking to take a next step as a disciple-maker.

To inquire about leading a small group, reach out to Pastor Becky at

Here are the current small groups offered during the Fall, mostly starting in late September or early October:

CHRISTIAN ESSENTIALS: Do you attend church, but you've never had the chance to closely consider the claims of Christianity? Are you exploring faith and want to understand better what Christians believe? Are you interested in baptism or confirmation? Do you want to have a clearer understanding of the faith so you can teach it to your kids or share it with others? Then this course is for you! Essentials is a 7-week course during our Fall small group cycle, led by Pastor Will, where you will explore and consider the key beliefs of Christianity like, "How do we know about God?" "Who is Jesus?" "What is the Trinity?" "What's the purpose of the church?" The goal is to deepen insight into the God revealed in Jesus so that you can have a deeper relationship with our God. This course will be a combination of teaching, reading, discussion, and introduction into Christian practices. The group begins October 2nd and meets on Tuesday evenings at our ministry center. Interested? Email Pastor Will at

MOPS/MOMSNEXT EVENING COLLECTIVE: All moms are welcome to this 8-week evening opportunity to connect and grow with other moms. We'll be working through through the book Fierce Love: What To Do With the Big Emotions of Motherhood. The book is free for MOPS members and otherwise $20. We are not planning on childcare but if some moms need it, we'll see what we can do! Scholarships available as needed. This group will meet on Thursday nights at the Stow Chapel at 7pm, starting on Sept. 27th. To sign-up or for more info email Andrea at

THIRD CALLING SMALL GROUP: Susan Scott and Ruth Richards will be leading a study based on the short book Third Calling: What are you doing with the rest of your life? by Richard and Leona Bergstrom. This eight-week study is designed for those making decisions about the final third of their lives, after the kids have left home and the careers are winding down. Most of the questions asked, however, are appropriate for anyone at a major crossroads, looking to make positive choices leading to a purposeful life. Let’s not waste our final third, but run our best laps now! We will be meeting on Monday evenings, 7:15 - 8:45pm at the Stow Chapel, beginning October 1. Please purchase both the book and the study guide (available on Amazon); if the cost is a barrier, financial help is available. If you're interested in joining, contact Pastor Susan.

MENS SMALL GROUP: This small group, led by Doug Coffman, is for men, and will run parallel to the MOPS Evening Collective, Thursday nights at the Stow Chapel, starting at 7pm. The goal of this group is to build connections among men while going deeper in our understanding of Jesus and his role in our lives. This group will use the King Jesus small group curriculum that connects to the Fall sermon series. If you're interested in joining, contact Doug.

ALLSOPP FAMILY SMALL GROUP: This family-friendly small group will be led by Aaron and Stephanie Allsopp at their home in Littleton on Monday nights from 6:45-8pm. There will be an in-house babysitter for anyone with children needing childcare. A contribution of $5 towards babysitting each night would be required. We will aim to meet 5-6 times throughout the 8 weeks. This group will use the King Jesus small group curriculum that connects to the Fall sermon series. If you're interested in joining, contact Stephanie.

BALDWIN SMALL GROUP: This small group will be led by Joe and Peg Baldwin on Sunday afternoons (times to be determined) and will meet in the Stow/Bolton area. This group is open to all ages. This group will use the King Jesus small group curriculum that connects to the Fall sermon series. If you're interested in joining, contact Joe.

STETSON SMALL GROUP: This adult small group is hosted by Doug and Susan Stetson at their home in Littleton on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. This is an ongoing group and it's currently studying the Gospel of Luke. If you're interested in joining, contact Doug at

HARRINGTON SMALL GROUP: This small group is led by empty-nester couple Susan and Steven Harrington and is mainly for young couples, usually in the early stages of parenting. The group usually meets on the weekends at the homes of group members. This group will use the King Jesus small group curriculum that connects to the Fall sermon series. If you're interested in joining, contact Susan.