Small Groups

Joining a small group is one of the most significant ways to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and with others. Because relationships require time and investment to develop, small groups are a way we commit to walking our spiritual journey with a smaller group of people.

If you’re looking for relationships, attending an event hosted by a community group or serving in a ministry are great places to start. Then, as relationships grow, you might consider joining or starting a small group with one or two other friends.

How to Join or Lead a Small Group

Our church has two cycles of all-church small groups, one in the fall and one in the winter. Each small group cycle runs for about 8 weeks, usually in conjunction with the start of a new season or sermon series. These small groups are opportunities to grow in community, go deeper in the study of the sermon series and Scriptures, and experience spiritual formation.

For Winter 2021, small groups that will run through the season of Lent (mid-February through March), and focused around our sermon series on the finding Hope thorugh walking the stations of the cross. Some groups will be virtual, some hybrid. If you're interested in participating in or faciliating a small group this Winter, please fill out this form:

In addition, various small groups with a specific focus are offered throughout the year. For example, some community groups offer short-term small groups, like a men’s Bible study or a women’s book study. At different times, the pastors offer spiritual formation small groups for those exploring the Christian faith or looking to take a next step as a disciple-maker.

During the sabbatical of our lead pastors, Lauren and Joel VanDixhorn will be coordinating small groups. If you have more questions about small groups or are interested in leading a group, please reach out to Lauren at

Small Group Discussion Questions

If your group is looking to go deeper in your study of the weekly Scripture passage and sermon, check out our sermon discussion question page.


Why Join a Small Group?

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