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Why Small Groups?

Travis Jarrett
Jan 31, 2021
Series Description

Have you ever done something one way for so long that you forget why you do it? Or when that way changed, you felt lost? That’s been the story of the church this year. As the pandemic shook up how we do things, it left many of us wondering, what form church should take? What really is essential to a life of faith? As we start a new year, our resolution is to rediscover our WHY. What’s the real purpose of our church practices? What’s the WHY behind our HOW? Why worship and pastors? Why bread and baptisms? Why small groups and serving?

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: Come, and praise God! Our God is gracious and compassionate, merciful and forgiving; our God is faithful and trustworthy, just and good. Lift up your hearts and be glad, for our God reigns in majesty over all things!