Nothing Fancy: The Simple Message of Colossians | 3 of 4

The Mystery of the Church Revealed

Becky Manseau Barnett
Jun 03, 2018
Series Description

Has church ever felt complicated? Like God is a big mystery that you’ll never really understand. Or that spirituality requires meeting all these expectations and following so many rules that you’ll never really get it. Or that if you really want to be accepted at church, you need to talk and act in some specific way. In this series, we’ll explore how the apostle Paul encouraged the Colossians to cut through all that. The good news is nothing fancy. God has been fully revealed in Christ and everything we need for fullness of life and relationships is found in him! 

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: We’ve come to worship God, who loved us before we were yet born, who knows us even better than we know ourselves, whose presence never leaves us, and whose love for us never ceases. This is our God. Let’s worship together!

Prayer of Illumination: Living God, lead us into new life through your Word so that we can be your holy people, filled with your Spirit and united with Christ. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.