Dare to be a Daniel | 2 of 3

The Lion of Success

Becky Manseau Barnett
Jan 13, 2019
Series Description

We know about Daniel in the lion’s den, but throughout his life Daniel faced many more lions than he is famous for! Taken captive by a hostile culture, Daniel didn’t wither or give in, but flourished and transformed it! Daniel’s bold faithfulness resulted in kings being converted, kingdoms being overturned, and even Christ being worshipped by the Magi centuries later. We'll face many of the same “lions” that Daniel did, so in this series we’ll discover how God can use us to make a difference if we dare to be Daniels in our generation!

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: We come to worship our God, to celebrate the Mystery and Reality that is God’s everlasting glory, and to join with all creation as it responds with joy to the voice of its Creator, Sustainer and Renewer. Let us rejoice and be glad, for we are in the presence of our God!

Prayer of Illumination: Living God, may your Word bring life to us today so that we may always be ready to live generously, love expansively, speak boldly and act courageously until your Kingdom becomes the present reality of all the peoples of this world. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.