King Jesus: I Pledge Allegiance | 5 of 8

King Jesus as Judge

Will Barnett
Nov 04, 2018
Series Description

We love to talk about Jesus as our Friend or Savior, but the earliest Christians said something more. They confessed that “Jesus is Lord!” In direct challenge to the then-common boast that “Caesar is Lord,” they declared allegiance to a different Kingdom that operated by very different rules, and promised very different rewards. Today we’re uncomfortable thinking of anyone as our “Lord,” but maybe that’s because we think of ourselves that way! Our desires rule our decisions. What might happen if we placed Jesus on the throne of our lives? Kings provide, protect, and save the day, but also demand obedience so that they can lead us where we couldn’t get to on our own. What new freedom, purpose, and power might we find if we followed Jesus as our King?

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: See us today, our beloved Jesus, weighed down under the burden of suffering, pain and brokenness. We cast ourselves at your feet; renew our strength and courage as we rest in your Presence. Divine King, filled with compassion, sustain our lives by your goodness; at the hour of death, be our hope and refuge. Be near us, oh Jesus, be near.

Prayer of Illumination: Holy Spirit, fill the scriptures with life, and conform our lives to the image of Christ. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.