Hospitality: Making Space at the Table | 3 of 7

Keeping the Host in Hospitality

Becky Manseau Barnett
Mar 04, 2018
Series Description

Often we think of hospitality as entertaining friends and family in our homes, but hospitality is so much more! When we realize that God’s own welcoming heart resides in each of us, we can open our hearts and homes to the lost and lonely, to new people, and to those who are different from us. At God's table, there is room for everyone - and all are invited to communion with God.

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: As we gather today, may our hearts be opened not only to Heaven, but to every person we meet, each encounter a revelation of God's incredible, overwhelming grace. With all God's people everywhere, we lift our hearts and voices to the Lord and proclaim his never-ending love!

Prayer of Illumination: Loving God, as we hear your Word, teach us how to open our lives to others, that we may be your love in the world. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.