Awkward: The Parts of the Bible We Avoid | 4 of 11

How Hard it is For the Rich to Enter the Kingdom of God

Susan Scott
Jul 07, 2019
Series Description

Have you ever felt uneasy reading the Bible? Are there passages that make you raise your eyebrows? Verses that you’d be embarrassed for your non-Christian friends to find out you actually believed? You're not alone! This summer we'll take a closer look at some Bible passages we usually look away from and discover in them a beauty and truth that just may surprise you!

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: God you reign in glory and in power! We come before You singing Your praises, worshiping our God with our whole being. Come, people of God, let us worship the Lord!

Prayer of Illumination: Loving God, shine light into our lives through your Word and restore in us the joy that only comes through your Spirit living in us and through us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.