Made For Mission | 2 of 6


Will Barnett
May 05, 2019
Series Description

Most of us feel pretty “average,” but the truth is that God made you uniquely for a unique purpose! What is yours? Are you making the difference you were made for? In this series, we'll explore some of the ways God has shaped each of us to serve and fulfill his purposes, leading to a more fulfilling life! God designed you to be a gift to the world, and we want to help you offer that gift as a blessing to others!

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: We come to praise you, O God our God; we proclaim your glory in this place! For we have known your healing; we have known your provision; we have known your victory. Because of your love, our sorrow has turned into dancing and our tears to songs of joy. Come, people of God, let us worship the Lord!

Prayer of Illumination: Eternal God, May your Spirit surround, sustain and excite us. Transform us through your Word and lead us into lives that glorify you. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen