New Wine: Discovering the Many Flavors of Christian Faith | 5 of 5

The Evangelical Tradition

Will Barnett
Mar 03, 2019
Series Description

In the Bible, wine symbolizes the flourishing and joy that should characterize a Christian’s life.  But not all of us are experiencing that. Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something?  Though most of us have only been introduced to one or two types of Christian spirituality, there are numerous rich traditions that each correspond to different cultures and personality types.  It’s like the way connoisseurs say that different wines bring out the flavors of different foods.  In this series we will explore six of those traditions so that you can appreciate the beauty embedded in each of them, and perhaps discover one that will become your new favorite!  You may just find that there’s more of God to experience and enjoy than you realized!

Corporate Prayers

Prayer of Illumination:  Spirit of Grace, speak to us through your Word and remind us of that hope which is our anchor; of that peace which is our rock; of that grace which is our refuge: Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen.