Path to Hope | 4 of 8

A Cross to Bear

Brynn Harrington
Mar 14, 2021
Series Description

2020 is over! Spring is near! Vaccines are in the works! Hope is on the horizon… yet Christians acknowledge that real healing is about more than a change in circumstance; it’s about a change of heart. That’s why for centuries Christians have walked “the way of the cross” with Jesus. Retracing God’s journey into our grief and darkness allows our souls to discover God’s healing and light. This Lent, let’s walk that path together, along the stations of the cross, discovering hope one step at a time.

Corporate Prayers

Call to Worship: O let us give thanks to the Lord, for the love of God will never end. Let we who love God be unashamed to declare it, because God has answered our cries for help. The Lord our God has met our every need, we will therefore proclaim the love of the Lord!

Prayer for Illumination: Come, Holy Spirit, meet us in this place; renew our hope; restore our faith. We pray this in the name of Jesus, whose death and resurrection has made us people of hope. Amen.