Volunteer as an ELL Conversation Partner!

Apr 22, 2021

English Language Learner's Ministry is BACK for our Spring 2021 Session!

Our Virtual 5-Week Spring English Conversation Course is scheduled to begin on May 10th, and we need YOU to make it a reality! 

You do NOT need any specific availability or training to be a Conversation Partner -- you and your student will choose a time that works for you both to schedule conversation practice, and you will be matched with a student based on availability. Your compassionate and welcoming attitude is your most important qualification! (First-time partners will be invited to join a short virtual training session before the course begins)

This course allows for adult English Language Learners in our community to practice conversation one-on-one with a fluent English-speaking volunteer, thus allowing for invaluable speaking and listening practice in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. It is an amazing free resource for our students and an extremely fulling experience for our volunteers, but because of the one-to-one ratio, we can only enroll as many students as we have volunteers! 

Each week, you and your partner will receive a themed video and materials packet that includes guiding conversation questions, vocabulary and idioms, and a full video transcript. Students watch the video on their own, and then you'll schedule a 30-45 minute call or video chat each week to discuss the video, topic questions, as well as any vocabulary or idioms that come up along the way.

Preregistration for returning students has already begun, but we can only begin sending registration confirmations to our students as we get volunteers to commit to the session, so we would appreciate our volunteers signing up as soon as they are able!

Whether you've volunteered with us before or are considering it for the first time, we would love to have you in our ministry! Email Jenna at esl@highrockacton.org for more information or with any questions.

To sign up  as a Conversation Partner now, click below


Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry to our wider community!