Vision for 2020 and beyond

Sep 4, 2020

Every new season, our pastors and church leaders spend prayerful time reflecting on where we've been as a church, what God has been doing, and where God is inviting us to grow.

We just realized our "Welcome HOME" campaign, as God led, provided, and empowered a church-wide movement to establish a visible permanent church presence in Acton with the purchase and transformation of our new church property on Great Road in Acton. We believe the next chapter is about "who" God wants us to minister to.

In a time where "normal" ways of doing church and life have been upended, we want to be a church that sees, values, and ministers to "the sojourner." Learn more about what this means by exploring our conceptual map and watching the video from Pastors Becky and Will:




Vision: Welcome Sojourners