SoulCare Ministry available to all!

Sep 11, 2021

Based on the ancient practice of spiritual direction, Highrock's SoulCare ministry provides safe, listening space for those who hunger for God. If you are a partner at Highrock, having a spiritual conversation with a SoulCare team has always been a part of the annual partnership renewal process, but SoulCare meetings are now avaible to ALL! 

Anyone who wants to have a conversation about their spiritual journey is welcome to make an appointment at any time.

SoulCare meetings are more than ‘spiritual check-ins.’ They are an opportunity for honest spiritual conversations with people who care about your growth and spiritual desires and who will hold space for you to notice God's presence in your life. Potential discussion topics range from personal connection with God, finding community and belonging with God’s people, to connecting to God’s purposes. Whatever is on your heart and mind, we're here to listen! 

Meet the team, check out common Q&As, and book an appointment HERE.