Sign-up to worship and serve as we gather again in-person!

Apr 28, 2021


After a year of worshipping together virtually, Highrock Acton is proud to announce our REGATHERING PLAN. Our livestreamed services will continue, but will now be complemented by a phased-in series of Sunday morning in-person worship services and ministries. Please read through the plan details below, and then sign-up for in-person worship services and consider signing up to help with many of the new ministry needs that make gatherings possible.

As we emerge from a year of primarily engaging worship at home through a screen, this is a time for us to remember that church is not a product we consume. The point of a worship service is not to serve us, and our comfort and convenience. Rather, the point of the worship service is to serve God with gifts of our worship, our attention, our prayers and praise. The worship gathering of God's people is enabled as we serve God by offering our gifts in ministry. Let's move into this new season with a renewed spirit of serving our good and gracious God!