Rediscipling the White Church Reading Group

May 30, 2020

As the church, we are called to reflect the full glory of God through real honoring and embrace of our differences, but all too often we have settled for something far less. In fact, as the church, and particularly as the white church, we have, at times, become propagators of prejudice, and even violence against sisters and brothers of color. Why? How can we be different?

This summer, join Pastors Becky & Will as we read and discuss David Swanson's book Rediscipling the White Church. Swanson's book offers important insight into ways in which the white church has been been formed by false cultural and historical narratives about race. In addition, he offers practical application for today's church to move from "cheap diversity" to true solidarity with one another across race and difference.

The group will meet virtually approximately five times over the summer, every 2-3 weeks on Tuesdays from 8-9:30pm beginning on June 23. Additional dates coming soon. You can expect time to talk with one another about the reading you've done, as well as hear from special guests. At your earliest convenience, please order the book on amazon, or from your favorite bookseller! 


Questions? Email Pastors Becky or Will