"Milestone 9: The Story" begins this March!

Jan 7, 2019

Milestones is Highrock's curriculum for raising a Jesus-loving generation! "The Story" is a 10-week class to prepare high school students for Confirmation or Baptism. We will walk through the Story of God starting with creation and moving all the way through history to the modern day church. Students will interact with sponsors and their parents/guardians throughout the class as they prepare for the final ceremony. 

If you’d like to learn more or participate in the class, contact Mary at mary@highrockacton.org by March 1st.

It will take place Sundays after church in the winter/spring from 11:45am to 1pm at the Church Ministry Center (562 Mass Ave., West Acton). Lunch will be provided some weeks. The class looks forward to Milestones Sunday on June 2nd where we celebrate teen baptism and confirmation. 


Here is a tentative schedule, including content:

March 3rd The Community Model for the Story – Three In One (The Trinity) Life Question: Why are my friends so important and how do I have good community?

March 10th Finding Ourselves in God’s Word to Us (Scripture: Canon and Revelation) Life Question: Where do I go to get real and true answers about my life?

March 17th Making a Way for us to Join His Story - Jesus Christ (Jesus’ Humanity and Divinity) Life Question: Can I be forgiven for all the ways I fail God and others?

March 24th His Story Becoming Our Story – The Old and New Testament Life Question: Is life just random or is there a purpose and plan?

March 31st Jerusalem Falls and the Church’s Story Picks Up (The Destruction of the Temple) Life Question: Where do I fit in to this thing called the Church?

April 7th Constantine Makes the Story Easy, Or Does He? (The Martyrs and Council of Nicea) Life Question: How do I live out my faith in a hostile culture and how could that challenge be good for me?

(April 14th School Break: NO CLASS)

(April 21st Easter: NO CLASS)

April 28th Slowing Down the Story with the Contemplative Tradition (Monasticism) Life Question: What do I do about all the busyness in my life? AND The Story needs some Reformation (The Protestant Reformation) Life Question: How do we keep our faith on the right track?

May 5th Holiness matters in the Story (Confession and Holy Living) Life Question: How do my actions now really matter? Can’t I just get serious about faith when I’m old?

(May 12th Mother’s Day: NO CLASS)

May 19th The Evangelical way of Going Through the Story (Evangelism and Biblical Preaching) Life Question: Why are we Protestant and what does it mean to be Evangelical Protestants?

May 26th Revisiting the Story’s Impact on Social Issues AND Modern Missions carries the Story Onward Life Question: Can I really be part of changing the world? How?

June 2nd Confirmation and Baptism Sunday