Join the Neighborhood Support Team

Jan 4, 2022

In the spirit of our church's vision to "Welcome the Sojourner," in Fall 2021, a group of folks at our church partnered with a local resettlement agency to come alongside and support the resettlement of an Afghani family in our local area. The family has since arrived, though still family members remain in Afghanistan facing difficult circumstances. 

The Neighborhood Support Team helps this family get settled by providing help with paperwork, rides to the grocery store, setting up medical exams, finding housing, and more. Support Teams are ideally over 30 people, a mixture of both men and women. They make an ongoing commitment to help with the practical needs of this family as the resettlement process is ongoing. 

This is a great opportunity to practice our church's value of Hospitality and Solidarity. If you'd like to learn more about the Neighborhood Support Team, the needs of the family, and how you can get involved, please contact our team coordinator Aaron at