Highrock Network calling all churches and congregants to support COVID-19 relief in India

As many of you have heard on the news, the COVID-19 virus is ravaging the nation of India. What you may not know is that our denomination, the Covenant Church, has several sisters denominations and ministries in India, including the Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) and India for Christ Ministries (IFCM).

These sisters and brothers in Christ are both on the frontline of the COVID response while also suffering greatly from the pandemic.

Medical personnel from ICFM and HCC are treating patients in their home. Medicine shortages and increasing prices are a problem and burden, especially for the poor. Other personnel are helping to educate people about proper precautions. At the request of the government, the HCC is making its churches available as medical centers. Hunger is increasingly an issue. The HCC plans to provide dry-ration food kits that will feed families for two weeks to a month.

In addition, more than 280 HCC members and eight pastors have died from the virus. The church is trying to fill the open minister positions as quickly as possible. People in local communities often turn to the church first for help.

In response to this great need, the Highrock Network is immediately sending $30,000 to Covenant World Relief for COVID-19 relief in both India and Nepal, which will go directly to the efforts of our church partners. The Network is also calling upon all congregations and Highrockers to consider how they can both pray and give to this need. 

If you would like to financially give, you can go to the website of Covenant World Relief and select to give to the fund for "India/Nepal COVID Relief."