Faith & Fitness 2.0

May 5, 2018

Important Announcement for our Men's Community following up on our Faith & Fitness Event earlier this winter --

Starting Wednesday, May 16th, and continuing Wednesday mornings throughout the summer, Faith and Fitness is back, this time at the Acton Lower Fields, 66 Hayward Rd, at 5:30am, for a 30 minute workout. The workout will be designed to get your heart rate up while challenging you both mentally and physically. 

Our leader, Matt Morizio, will provide the equipment and program design. You set your alarm, get a cup of coffee, and meet me there. 

After we'll head to Legend Cafe to do all the talking we couldn't do during the workout. You're welcome to skip the workout and join only for breakfast, but be warned you may be publicly shamed for not working out with us.

Consistency will be key with this group. The vision, by the end of the summer, is to have a core group of guys that a) are in better shape, b) found a discipline in themselves they didn't know existed, and most importantly c) have built relationships with other men in the church that extend beyond exercise.

The invitation is open to all, and it's not required to let Matt know ahead of time if you'll be there, but try to contact Matt if you know you're coming so he can put together a workout that's appropriate for the number of people.

Email Matt for anymore details or questions.