Bring your bike to church on Oct. 17th for the "Biking for Congo" Challenge!

Sep 30, 2021

Did you know that some people in DR Congo travel over 50 kilometers (31 miles) on a bicycle to a hospital, while sick or injured? And what's even harder to believe is that when they arrive at the hospital, limited medicines, clean water, and medical training often prevent a person from getting better

Since our church's beginning, we have been supporters of the Paul Carlson Partnership, a ministry that supports medical and economic development in the DR Congo.

This October our church is participating in the 2021 Biking for Congo Challenge as a fun way for you to use your bike or stationary bike to raise support for the Covenant Church of Congo healthcare system: UCare4Congo.

What is UCare4Congo?

UCare4Congo supports the entire Covenant Church of Congo medical system, which includes training healthcare workers, improving access to clean water in remote villages, providing regular medicines and supplies, and treatment for those who can't afford medical care. Our partners can deepen their holistic gospel ministry of caring for the whole person and entire communities through UCare4Congo. Together we will raise more money for healthcare in DR Congo than we ever could alone!

How can you participate in the Biking for Congo Challenge?

  • You can learn more or donate on our Team Giving page:
  • You can join the Highrock Acton team by committing to bike 50km during the month of October on a bike or stationary bike. 
  • And/or you can bring your bike to church on Sunday, October 17th, as a bunch of Highrockers of all ages and levels will bike along the Acton rail trail, starting behind Donelans.
  • If you are biking, please share the link to the Team Giving page and help our team raise over $2500 for this cause!

What's happening on Sunday, October 17th?

On 10/17, we will bring attention to the work of the Paul Carlson Partnership during the service with some special guests. Then, after service and some light refreshments, anyone (kids or adults) who brought their bike to church will suit up and head across the street behind Donelan's to the Bruce Freeman rail trail that runs through Acton to Chelmsford. People are encouraged to bike at their own pace and comfort. We ask that children bike near an adult. Go as far as you would like, and then circle back to the church!

You can order t-shirts for the event at:

If you have questions, and/or need childcare to participate in this challenge, or you're interested to find out more, please email