After two months of in-person worship, we're ready for next steps! NO SIGN-UPS NEEDED

Apr 28, 2021


After a year plus of worshipping together virtually, Highrock Acton is proud to take the next step in our REGATHERING PLAN, to include the re-launch of Kidsrock! Please read through the plan details below, and then come any Sunday at 10am for in-person worship services and consider signing up to help with many of the new ministry needs that make gatherings possible.

As we emerge from a year of primarily engaging worship at home through a screen, this is a time for us to remember that church is not a product we consume. The point of a worship service is not to serve us, and our comfort and convenience. Rather, the point of the worship service is to serve God with gifts of our worship, our attention, our prayers and praise. The worship gathering of God's people is enabled as we serve God by offering our gifts in ministry. Let's move into this new season with a renewed spirit of serving our good and gracious God!


PROTOCOL UPDATE (as of Aug 5th) 

We welcome people to participate in in-person worship and Kidsrock ministry. No sign-ups are required for either. However, due to the CDC's recommendation for fully vaccinated people to wear masks in public indoor settings in substantial or high transmission areas, and given that Middlesex County is moved into the "substantial transmission" range early in August, the church Leadership Team made the decision to temporarily require masks for ALL persons, vaccinated or not, for indoor church services and gatherings as of August 5th. The only exceptions will be that during services our preacher, presider, and vocalists will remove masks when actively leading.

We know that masks aren't fun, and so we appreciate your grace and help as we navigate these ongoing challenges and seek to do our part in keeping one another and our community safe. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any of our church's COVID protocols, you are welcome to reach out to our church chair Amy LeClair at

Coffee will still be served after services! We invite you to grab a cup and join us outside in the fenced off area that will be available just outside the church Family Room. (Or you might want to skip the coffee and meet up with the sermon discussion circle available in the sanctuary after service!).

**As always, we regretably ask that you stay home if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:  loss of smell or taste, sore throat, cough, fever, muscle aches, nausea/vomiting/abdominal pain or difficulty breathing. In addition, please stay home if you have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

One of the best ways to get connected is through serving! Consider supporting regathering through signing up to help with a ministry team.