Highrock Spiritual Guides

Highrock Spiritual Guides are trained under pastoral supervision to provide individualized spiritual care to members of Highrock. Meetings are typically held for one hour and are kept strictly confidential!

Our prayer is that through the assistance of Highrock Guides, Highrockers will be better able to experience transformation through:

Connecting to God Personally

There is nothing more important in life than our relationship with God, yet it is often difficult for us to be intentional about that relationship. Highrock Guides can help you become more intentional about your spirituality and to grow in areas such as prayer, discernment, calling, spiritual disciplines, experiencing God, applying Scripture, and more. Our guides are not professional therapists or social workers, but they can assist you in getting further help if you need it.

Connecting to God's People

Healthy Christian spirituality is nurtured in the context of authentic community. Highrock Guides will check in with you to make sure that you are connecting in life-giving ways with the body of Christ, especially through small groups and accountability/discipling relationships. They can help you get better settled into community if you have not yet found a home. And if you have found a home, they can explore ways to make your experience even better!

Connecting to God's Purposes

Each of us has the exciting privilege of participating in God’s mission here on earth—to see God's kingdom come more fully! Highrock Guides can help you discern whether your spiritual gifts are being used to their fullest for the growth and glory of the kingdom of God. You may reflect on your gifts and your current areas of ministry with your Guide, and explore new ministry possibilities so that you might become even more fruitful for God's kingdom.

To find out more about Highrock Guides, contact Pastor Becky at becky@highrockacton.org.

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