Highrock Acton // DivorceCare

DivoreCare is a ministry for those experiencing separation and divorce.

Are you separated? Experiencing a divorce? Still working through the pain of a divorce in the past? Or maybe you'd like to help others on that same journey.

DivorceCare is a safe, confidential group that meets regularly during the summers and uses a nationally-recognized curriculum that helps group members process the pain and transition related to the separation and divorce process. The group is led by experienced leaders who have walked the same path. 

This ministry also hosts occasional seminars, like "Surviving the Holidays," the address a specific aspect of the divorce experience.

Watch our News and Announcements page for when the next group is being offered. Or if you'd like to learn more about DivorceCare at Highrock Acton or other DivorceCare groups in the area, please contact our DivorceCare ministry leader, Judith Jameson.

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