Giving is a worshipful response to God


Christ gave everything in order to free us so that we could truly live. In turn, we respond with graciousness and hospitality, giving not because we have to, but because we get to. This God who frees us is also the Creator and true owner of everything. We are simply stewards, and are called to be intentionally mindful with how we steward God's resources. Highrock believes there are endless ways to give, and therefore bless others.

Time & Talents

There are only so many hours in a day - how is God leading you to use your time?  In what ways has God uniquely gifted you? We would like to help you use your time and talents to serve God in the way you were wired to do so. Share your talents by getting involved with a Ministry, or reach out to Pastor Will at to talk through how you might contribute to God's work at Highrock.


God also gives us tangible resources that we are called to steward. If you’re looking for ways to give financially to Highrock, there are a number of avenues to do that. For starters, you can support Highrock by giving to one of two funds:

General Fund

The general fund supports the local work of ministry such as disicpleship, evangelism, worship, and works of compassion. It also supports ministry beyond our doors, supporting church plants locally and globally, a medical clinic in poverty-stricken Congo, the camping ministry of Pilgrim Pines, and the regional and national missions of our denomination. It also helps train and feed pastors, support talented ministry directors, pay for the rent and equipment to create worship space, and host outreach events.

Multiply Fund

As a church, our goal is not to pursue the maintenance of a ministry for ourselves, but to seek the MULTIPLICATION of God's kingdom in greater Boston. This designated fund goes directly toward investing in people and special projects that help the fruit of the kingdom multiply in our area! At different times throughout the year, we will announce that we are doing a special offering or giving campaign toward a project that goes through the "Multiply Fund." As of June 2019, all Multiply Fund contributions will primarily go toward our soon-to-be-launched Capital Campaign for purchasing a property for a permanent church home in Acton that will allow us to become a "locally-focused" congregation in a new way, deepen our discipleship of the next generation, do new kinds of ministry to the community, and more. 

If you'd like to give to either fund, we encourage you to give electronically through your own bank. Most banks offer this option through online bill payment as a free service. You can use the following information to create an account with your bank:

Biller Name:        Highrock Covenant Church Acton
Biller Address:    562 Mass Ave., Acton, MA, 01720
Phone Number:  978-393-1738
Account:              01720

If you'd like to give online, we have two methods available. We encourage you to give by ACH draft (direct transfer from your bank account) if possible. If you would like to use a credit card, please remember that Highrock is charged a fee for every transaction processed. Just click on the button below and choose your method of giving, and choose the fund you'd like to give towards. You can also setup a recurring gift through MyRock. To do so, just log-in to MyRock and click on the "Give" tab. Thank you!


Please e-mail 


Thank you for supporting our ministry!