Sensitivity Training Workshop

Mar 01, 2020
12:15 pm to 1:30 pm
Ministry Center
United States
Will Barnett

Often when we think of someone with a disability, we may imagine someone in a wheelchair. However, the definition of disability is actually much broader. Disability not only includes obvious physical disabilities, but non-obvious physical disabilities as well as cognitive and psychological disabilities. It’s important to recognize that someone's disability may not be apparent at all. That's why to be a loving community, we need both awareness and sensitivity.

All are welcome to our Sensitivity Training on March 1st at the Ministry Center (257 Great Rd., Acton). The purpose of the training is to help us be more aware of our behavior toward others who are different in ethnicity, color, gender, age, and also abilities. We hope to raise awareness about the invisible disabilities that we may encounter through our weekly interactions and how to communicate and understand the experiences, backgrounds and perspectives influenced by that.

Through open and candid discussion and activities, we will explore and assess behavior, personal biases, assumptions, and stereotypes. We hope that through the workshop, participants will be better equipped to identify and address sensitive situations, be more aware of the diversity within our church and community, and be able to create a more welcoming, inclusive and safe space.

Lunch will be provided. Childcare is also available. Please RSVP by Wed, Feb. 26th to