Listening as a Labor of Love

Apr 28, 2018
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
The Mill at Highrock Arlington
United States
Will Barnett

Join Pastor Aaron Engler from Highrock North Shore for a special seminar called "Listening as a Labor of Love: a guide to the work of listening".

As part of our BLESS series, we want to learn to better listen. And the truth is we're very good listeners -- to ourselves! But how do we listen well to others?

This class is a culmination of years of study and dozens of meetings with couples and team members who have struggled with communication or cohesion. It addresses common communication breakdowns and some strategies and skills to move past common communication blocks.

Just as there are varied personality types, there are ALSO varied listening preferences. So to increase connectivity, not only does someone need some general listening skills, we also need to do the work of identifying the listening preferences of the person we want to connect with. Listening well is not easy! 

And even when you DO have some skills and knowledge on how to listen effectively, when you're at a disagreement, you still have to find someway to move forward.

This call will help you find agreed upon common values to establish a framework for making a decision.

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