Dumpster Ball Fundraiser

Aug 25, 2019
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Highrock Stow Chapel
United States
Mary Morrison

The Highrock Junior High Youth Group invites you to "play hoops to raise a hoop" for the Higher Link Children's Academy in Philadelphia on Sunday, August 25, 6pm at the Highrock Stow Chapel. There will be two basketball games (using garbage cans for hoops!), one for age 14+, and another for ages 7-13. Lots of registrations could turn it into a tournament! To register or make a donation, go to THIS FORM. All proceeds will go to a hoop and other needed supplies for Higher Link!

What's the story behind Dumpster Ball??
Here's a message from the Jr. High Youth Group, as told by Kelsey and Beckett:  

"As many people already know the jr. high youth group recently came back from a mission trip to Philadelphia. It was a great experience; however, there were some things that we were so moved by, that we want to keep helping all the way from Acton! During the course of the trip, we went to various sites, but there was one site that we went to every day. It was a small summer day camp which will be turning into a school this year. I (Beckett) remember one of the boys in the camp asked me to play basketball with him, so we walked outside and into a small fenced-in area of sidewalk. The fence wasn’t in great condition either. What really stuck out to me was that the kids had been playing basketball with a trash can, and when I asked the kid if they had a hoop somewhere else, he said, ‘what do you mean, a hoop? People don’t just have real hoops.’ So after a week of countless cuts and bruises from cement, and lots of 'trash can basketball,' we had the idea to raise money to send the camp everything they will need to have a safe and fun outside environment, including a basketball hoop!"

Thus... our dumpster ball fundraiser was born!