Back to...Normal? Women's Outdoor Connection Event

Jun 13, 2021
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Highrock Acton
Acton, MA
United States
Becky Manseau Barnett

“It’s been a weird year.” We’ve heard that a million times! But what is the emotional, spiritual, physical, and relational impact of pandemic life? What kind of life are we headed back to, and how can we take care of ourselves in the process? All women 21+ are invited to join our very own Jill Sieverts, PhD, LMFT, EdS, and other Highrock women, for candid conversation around these questions and more. 

Too tired for serious? Just come, kick-back, and enjoy a glass of wine with us! All are welcome, whatever state you’re in. The goal is new and deepening connections, because we need each other!

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