At the heart of our church is a team, a committed group of disciples who are PARTNERS together in mission.  "Highrock Partners" serve as the hosts of the church and are committed to making the dream of a local
Christ-centered congregation in Acton a reality.

Church membership can be an off-putting notion. We call it partnership. Where does the notion come from? And why is it necessary to the life of our church?

In the Gospels, Jesus arrives on the scene, bringing Light into dark places. Jesus shares good news, heals the sick, binds the brokenhearted, and loves the unlovable. And people from all over came to Jesus! As people flocked to the great Light, what does he do?

Jesus sat down a team of disciples and taught them and shaped them into a community. Shaped by his Word and full of his Spirit, Jesus tells them, "YOU are the light of the world" (Matthew 5:14). Soon after, he sends them out to share his Light!

The pattern has been the same ever since. God has Light for us in Jesus! It can transform lives, save lives, illuminate lives. But how does God bring light to new people and new generations? By gathering a team of folks shaped, equipped, and ready to minister in Jesus' name. 

That's what the Highrock Partners are! A TEAM of flexible, servant leaders desiring to follow Jesus, relying on his grace, becoming his church together.

If you're interested in becoming a Highrock Partner, consider attending an upcoming Partners Class or check out one of our Partners Meetings. For more details, contact Pastor Will