Learn about the different ways you can connect to God's purposes, whether that's on Sunday mornings or beyond, and locally here in Acton or globally...


This video shares about our All-Highrock Serve Day this past summer. Highrock is in the process of building partnerships with local organizations that care for the most pressing needs in our community. Throughout the year, we will have all-church serve days where we do food drives for the Acton Food Pantry, or help with needed building projects in the community, and more. Get connected to find out how you can serve our community!



Our church is one of 108 churches partnering with 108 clinics in the Congo as part of our denomination's Congo Clinic Initiative. One out of every 5 people dies before the age of 5 in Congo - mostly from preventable diseases. Highrock Acton has partnered with a clinic in a village named Kanana, 21 miles from the closet hospital. Our partnership provides the this clinic with sustainable solar energy, vital medical supplies, and supports the nursing staff and midwife who serve there. If you'd like to support accessible and sustainable health care in what is literally one of the poorest regions in the world, email us and we can let you know how to get involved!


Cultivating a community where people can connect to God takes a community of people working together, sharing their gifts with one another. We have a variety of ministry teams who all play a vital role in making this church a place where people experience connection with God...

WELCOMING TEAM - The goal of this team is to make every person who enters the church to feel at home and refreshed, whether they are visiting for the first time or have been part of the church from the beginning. For more details, contact Becky.

KIDSROCK TEAM - This is a team of adults and older youth who serve as small group leaders and helpers for kids age 0 through 6th grade. This ministry ensures that all kids are loved, cared for, and spiritually nurtured at our church. For more details, contact Becky.

YOUTH MINISTRY TEAM - This is a team of adults who invests, encourages, and disciples the junior and senior high youth of our church (grades 7 to 12). For more details, contact Becky.

WORSHIP TEAM - Our worship team crafts a musical experience each week where people can encounter God through singing, prayer, and thanksgiving. For more details, contact Travis.

WORSHIP TECH & SET-UP TEAM - The purpose of the set-up team is to care for all the logistics and background details of setting up for worship each week so people can experience a well-prepared place that allows them to connect with God. This includes everything from taking care of sound, audio/visual presentation, loading and unloading our ministry trailer, and setting up chairs. For details, contact Will.

HOSPITALITY TEAM - So much human connection, especially spiritual connection, happens over food. The hospitality team prepares food and refreshments for Sundays and other special events that allows us to be physically and spiritually nurtured. For more details, contact Becky.

CREATIVE ARTS TEAM - We can encounter God through beauty and creativity and the creative arts ministry tends to the aesthetics of our sanctuary space and other events, setting up the altar or other visual presentations to help us connect with God personally. For more details, contact Chelsea.