Opening Prayer: 

"Heavenly Father, as I come ready to connect with You again, teach me what it means to be connected to those all around me. Amen."

Song for Reflection: Amazing Love (You are My King)

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2:11-22


The book of Ephesians is unrelenting in its emphasis of the impact of grace upon our horizontal, human relationships. Many who grew up in the church can recite Ephesians 2:8 by memory - that we are "saved by grace." But for Paul, God's grace doesn't end with my personal experience. When we were enemies of God, He reached out to us, and died for us, and rose to life for us in Jesus Christ! If we have been made alive by such grace, then we have the responsibility to reach out to those who we experience hostility and enmity towards, and seek gracious reconciliation. That is the purpose of God's grace in Jesus: to break down the dividing walls among humans, to create "one new humanity" in Jesus Christ. 

In our an ever-growing complex and interconnected webs of relationships, it is so easy to run away from relationships. When we experience hostility or disruption, we can just "defriend" that person on Facebook, or avoid them at work, or stop replying to their emails. Remember that Christ is about peace, about creating unity through grace. Instead of letting anger and hostility divide and divert, consider what grace might accomplish!

Reflection Questions:

God’s great passion is to bring things together again through Jesus. Today, in what key relationships are you experiencing a disconnect?

What does this Scripture tell us about how God brings peace and reconciliation to relationships?

Today, how might God be inviting you to reconnect with others?

Closing Prayer:

"God, thank you for showing me grace through your people. Fill me with that same grace for those all around me. In Jesus' name, Amen."