Opening Prayer: 

“Heavenly Father, Your desire is to transform me so that I reflect the beauty, life, and love of Jesus. Continue that change in me today as I seek to connect with you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Song for Reflection: In Christ Alone (Passion version)

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:51-58


All of our lives are animated by a story, whether we explicitly acknowledge that story or not. And it's the anticipation of the end of the story that moves us along. Here in this passage, Paul gives a wonderful statement of the final chapter of the human story, according to God - Death will be swallowed up. We will ALL be changed! 

If that's the end of the story that you're counting on and looking forward to, how does that change how you live now? 

"Stand firm. Let nothing move you." Don't give yourself to other gods and lesser loves. Give yourself to the God who loves you and will change you and give you eternal and new life! Don't let the temporary sufferings and pain of this world shake you from your game. Stay focused!

"Your labor in the Lord is not in vain." It can seem like investments in immediate treasures are so much more worthwhile, while investment in God's work among us can sometimes seem futile. But if you remember the big picture - that Jesus is the one who matters and his victory over death is the final chapter - priorities can change. The work of making disciples, of being the church, is of lasting eternal value. 

Reflection Questions:

God is working to make all things new. Are there any areas in life where you are longing for God to come and bring change?

What can this Scripture teach you about God’s power and promise to transform life?

What might it mean for you today to count on God’s promise to transform?

Closing Prayer:

“God, send me your Spirit today to transform me from the inside out! Give me the courage to follow you as I put my hope in the promise of resurrection. In your Son’s name, Amen.”