We experience God through community. We are developing spaces for people of every life-stage
to connect, be formed and experience God's gift of a church family.


Our church has two cycles of all-church small groups. Each small group cycle runs for about 8 weeks in the Fall (Oct-Nov) and then again in the Winter (Feb-March). The small groups are opportunities to grow in community, go deeper in the study of the sermon series and Scriptures, and experience spiritual formation. The groups are starting up again soon! If you're interested in joining in the next round of small groups, email Pastor Becky: becky@highrockacton.org


"Community groups" gather people who share some affinity - a common identity, mission, stage in life, or interest - and bring them together in all different kinds of ways to develop spiritual community. Click on one of the communities to learn more:

Our desire is to create spaces and relationships where everyone in our church, especially youth of all ages, can experience God's abundant grace. Together we desire to raise a Jesus-loving generation! Find out all the ways that can happen here.

The women of Highrock are from all walks and seasons of life. We share need for connection with one another through which we can experience God. Our vision is to see women growing in a grace-filled relational network where they can find safety, nurture, and hope, no matter who they are or where they are coming from. Learn more here.

So many men invest all their time and energy into work and family, leaving no time and space for friendship or to hear from God.
Our vision is to create a space where men can experience genuine friendship through which they can be spiritually encouraged, renewed, and challenged to love God in the tasks before them. Click here for more information.


Several times of year, the pastors offer short-term groups designed to help people take new steps in their journey of following Jesus. 

FIRST STEPS OF FAITH - this small group is a short-term, intentional group that helps you explore the basic beliefs and practices of Christian faith. If you're interested in learning more, contact Pastor Will.

NEXT STEPS OF FAITH - this group is for those who have been following Jesus and are ready to take the next step of growing into servant leadership, becoming a disciple who can make and grow other disciples. If you're interested in learning more, contact Pastor Will.